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Backup & Data Recovery

Our storage solution reduces the amount of disk requirements for our large enterprise customers by more than 80%, making us much more competitive. ‘​Data backup is so overlooked within many businesses, you MUST be certain that your data is safely backed up every day, monitored and tested & compliant.

Active Directory

Active Directory (AD) is a directory service that Microsoft developed for Windows domain networks. It is included in most Windows Server operating systems as a set of processes and services. iTEAM­ SYSTEMS Consulting department provides Microsoft Active Directory Implementation strategies.


Virtualization technology is transforming data centers and IT environments By establishing a bridge to agile IT services, Capgemini is helping organizations better align their IT investment with business value . ​Virtualization can help you reduce complexities by reducing the number of network devices.

VPN Solutions

Create a culture of communication by interconnecting the office. This can be done at a low cost without making sacrifices to performance or security. We design and implement the best connectivity solution for clients whether it’s their only location or their branch offices.


iTEAM SYSTEMS enables you to secure your company either it is small size company or enterprise one, iTEAM SYSTEMS enables you to monitor, restrict, or prevent miscellaneous vulnerabilities. It is company policy to offer equipment and services of the highest quality and reliability.

Routing, Switching & Wireless

iTEAM SYSTEMS Helps enables anytime, anywhere, secure communications throughout your company and across the Internet. This is achieved by bringing together core networking functions, including routing, switching, and Internet services. iTEAM SYSTEMS is a Cisco partner and provides Cisco Advanced Routing and Switching.

Mail Systems

Mail systems have become a must for any enterprise or corporate. iTEAM SYSTEMS offers cloud mail system that are secure, easy managing users accounts with full security like G suite since iTEAM SYSTEMS have a partnership with Google cloud.

Web Design & Development

Famous proverb says that your first impression is the last, similarly in today’s age of technology your website is your first impression on your potential customer. Our web developers ensures that your website is professional looking with a tinge of uniqueness of your brand that makes it stand out.



Everything you need in one package.


Reach your colleagues wherever they are.


Everything you need to bring your project to life.


Store files and find what you need instantly.


Manage users, devices, and data securely and easily.


PBX & IP Telephony

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is the perfect solution for having organized, cost effective, secure call center platform that handle the communications for any corporate. iTEAM SYSTEMS provides smart IP PBX solutions that uses IP data like Mini IP phone systems with the features of call recording, CDR (Call detail records), ACD (Automatic call distribution), remote extensions and many more.

Call Center Solutions

iTEAM SYSTEMS engineers are specialist with call centre technologies, including interactive voice recognition, voice, computer telephony integration, call recording, and advanced call routing. iTEAM SYSTEMS engineers will design for you a new call center and reevaluate the performance of your existing one.


iTEAM SYSTEMS voice solutions gives customers full service access while reducing your costs. The voice, web, chat and IM self-service capabilities of Aspect’s IVR solutions allow you to strategically automate any portion of your customer interactions. iTEAM SYSTEMS has all the resources you need.



Surveillance Systems

Businesses today need infrastructure that’s driven majorly by technology and generally constitutes expensive servers, workstations and hardware to keep pace with the competition. It is imperative to ensure foolproof arrangement for the safety of equipment as theft will not only impact performance.

Infrastructure & Cabling

iTEAM SYSTEMS infrastructure solutions are most practical and profitable for small and medium sized companies .we create a cost-effective, highly scalable, secure and flexible service delivery model that enables collaboration and accelerates innovation. IT infrastructure plays a vital role in all IT-enabled operations.

Public Addresses

Public address system utilize an effective, low cost communication methods that start from microphones and speakers to a full evacuation system which have a variety of solutions for many applications. iTEAM SYSTEMS offers the latest technology and developments in this sector to offer the best solution needed.



FIBARO Home Automation System

Your home, Your Imagination

The FIBARO devices provide a comprehensive ecosystem adapted to the rooms function and needs of the household members. FIBARO knows what is the most important. The access to your home and your data are protected at the highest level – through the WAF and Anti-DDoS systems, encrypted communication using the TLS protocol and passwords using bcrypt.

The FIBARO is compatible with voice control technologies. Just tell the System what to do, and your wish will be fulfilled in a seconds. You can check the status of your devices as well as control your house from any place on Earth. As long as you’re connected to the Internet you can always see what’s going on in your house.

Let’s change your Home/Office to a smart one